First CTF!

When I went back to my village on some rural area, and my parents were away due to unexpected circumstances, I was left with my relatives doing nothing but playing laptop. And then I thought, “hey, why don’t I do CTF?” So I went to to find a middleschool-highschool level CTF named BCACTF, (because BCA IAG was the sponsor) that might make me compete again after several years. So without thinking I registered myself and got into the game.

One week of BCACTF feels like some kind of new grind for me. Albeit being shit because of never played this before, it was actually kind of fun. I chatted with new people that has the same mind with me; too late taking the path of cybersecurity. So then I worked myself (with several other participants that also shared several clues to me) and got to the somewhat top placing.

Don’t mind the two, they joined my team but didn’t touch any of the question. :p

One of my friend, hunterjj asked me a lot during this CTF. Even though I knew the clue from other people, I also shared it to him.

My “team” got 22nd placing, which is quite good for a first timer like me. Buuuut…..

Top 10 by first timer???? What the hell?

What the shit? I didn’t reckon my personal placing as 9th. I expect myself to go lower but I guess discussing the answer with people isn’t that bad at all for learners haha!

Writeups are available at my GitHub: More of the writeup coming soon!

It was really fun!

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