Strong Passwords that You Can Remember and Different for Every Site (Password Trick)

Password is very important to remember in this digital era. But sometimes you will have only like 2-3 different passwords that you use to login to various account. If it requires only 6 letters, you put password A. If it needs to have minimal 8 and with numbers, you use password B.

But of course in plain sense it’s not secure at all. Once one of your beloved website get breached, and someone with malicious intent break the encryption to get access to people’s accounts, including YOURS, you’re basically screwed. But what if you joined multiple websites? Like 20, 30 accounts? Does that will give you a hassle to remember it all?

I stumbled upon this tips by myself, and thinking,”why hasn’t anyone uses this?” This trick is a bit unethical to explain, because password’s trick should remain a secret for yourself, but I want to help people secure their devices. So here’s a step-by-step trick to have a different password on every sites without you need to remember so goddamn many passwords.

1. Have a master password.

This part is quite common on password manager application such as 1password and LastPass, you need to have one master password just to make sure that you can back everything up if this trick fails.

2. Make a derivative from that master password, OR make a totally randomized password for yourself. The longer, the better.

What does it mean? This will be our main key for our password generation. Yes, generate. Without you opening application. Just a simple trick.

For instance if my main password is:


Then my derivative can be:


Or it can be a totally random word that you, for some reason, remember due to a password reset from a website:


3. Generate a password based on the website you’re entering.

Generate by looking at the website you’re entering.

I have main password:


And I want to enter Facebook. So my password for Facebook is a portmanteau (combination) between the name of the website and your main password.


This will benefit you in two ways:

  • You won’t have to remember many passwords
  • It’s a longer password, so it’s a technically better password!

But of course, you can variate this password even further, by using its abbreviation, or the obfuscated version of the name of the website!


That’s a damn long password, and will be more obfuscated if the website you’re entering is encrypting the password by default, using a standardized encryption such as bCrypt or SHA.

With this method, you can enter as many websites as you want without needing to worry to remember different passwords.

4. If you use the master password to generate, change it once in a while by deriving it in hasty manner.

But of course, this method is not perfect. If someone managed to get the algorithm, they can reverse engineer your password by brute forcing literal words. But that will take some time. Meanwhile, you can change password once so often based on your master password, so your account will be safer and securer.

Good luck securing your accounts and have fun!


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